Artistic works fine art / Trabajos artísticos fine art.


Artistic versión / Versión artística: THE SEA, THE TREE AND THE STONE / EL MAR, EL ÁRBOL Y LA PIEDRA.


Cantabria, País Vasco y Navarra.Spain, 2015.  

They are not mills, Quijote / No son molinos Quijote. Castilla La Mancha, 2009. Spain.



Gulliver in the park / Gulliver en el parque. Valencia 2007. Spain.



Mom´s kitchen / La cocina de mamá. Málaga 2007. Spain.



Catalana allegory / Alegoría catalana. Barcelona 2007 - Spain.



Green / Verde. Málaga, 2007 - Spain.



District Volendam / Distrito Volendam, 2004. Amsterdam, Netherlands - Holanda.



Year 2000 / Año 2000. Málaga - Spain.



Apocalypse of the eternal dream - Apocalipsis del sueño eterno, 1999. Spain. 



The life is conformed of images that are shaped in our retinas to assimilate them to the name that defines them. Throughout our existence we retain forms, shapes, contours, shadows and profiles that define the materiality of the world.


It is this line of disparate and innumerable geometries that comes to the memory of some who in dangerous moments claim to have died and have subsequently returned to life. In the minds of these individuals are seen images that are not precisely those that caused the most impact because of their exotism or magnificence, but represent daily prints.


In this tour it is surprising to see how the memory stores objects and details that normally go unnoticed and offers us fractional images, regrouped or diluted as in a dream.


Perhaps one can venture the interpretation that one of the greatness of the human being resides in the everyday environment, in everything that surrounds us and in what we often do not notice, attracted by the banality of opulence. Perhaps that sequence of images that have shaped our existence is the apocalypse that waits before the eternal dream.